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6 Ways to Make Travel Photos More Interesting


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This is a photograph of a painting at the MFA in Boston. The detail is so refined that the painting looks like a photograph. Mind blown.

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Life imitating art. 

We’ve all seen them.

Photos of friends travel. There she is jumping on the beach again. Or jumping in front of a castle. Or sipping wine in a bistro. Or putting her fingers so it looks like the monument is held in her hands. Or giving the peace sign. Or yoga-posing on temple steps.

No criticisms here. I do it too. That is, when I am not just standing awkwardly with that take-my-ffing-picture-now furrowed brow.

Travel friends. Fellow wanderers. You got to get more creative than that. Here is a list of poses that will make your travel pictures instantly more creative.

The Zombie:

Ideal for: Ruins. The catacombs. The Coleseum. Cemeteries (note: sexy, duck-lipped poses do not work for cemeteries).

The Pose: Crane your neck sideways. Dangle one limb from the elbow and tilt your body to the side. Glare severly into the camera.

The Peeing Dog

Ideal for: Tourist traps, wastes of money. Instead of a bad trip advisor review, lift one leg up over the sign, small monument. You know, like a urinating dog. I would love to do this over a United Airlines logo.

The Kill Bill

Ideal for: Temples. Rooftops. Japanense gardens. (Not trying to stereotype, but seriously, doing a samari pose near a koi pond would be pretty awesome. Unless you’re like me, who would fall into the rocks to my death).

Prop: A fake samuri sword. You don’t have one? WTF is wrong with you?

The Abbey Road

Ideal for: cityscapes. Crosswalks (move fast!). Liverpool.

Walk down the street. Take wide steps. Preferably in a group of four. Don’t get hit by a car.

The Sea Captain

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He really needs a pipe and a captain’s hat. But the look is about right.

We’re sick of seeing those “I am on a boat” poses with the girls in bikinis, trying their best to look like a rap video. (ok, I am sick of them). It’s time to kick it old school with the sea captain.

Ideal for: Boats. Beaches. Lighthouses. Nautical.

The pose: Stare at the sea. Pontificate. That’s it. You don’t even need a captain’s hat. If you’re on a boat (lucky b!tch), hold the wheel, lean forward and let your hair blow back.

Spin off pose: Captain Morgan. Hands on hip. Knee in air. Or: Pin-up nautical girl. You know this pose. I don’t really need to say it.

‘Pac’s Revenge

I am glad to see that those titled-hat-to-the-side, hold fingers in a mock gang sign poses are going away. An downwards peace sign isn’t a gang sign, unless you belong to the Duces, a truly lame gang that hung around outside soda shops in the ’50s.

Ideal for: Go ironic. Doing some mock gangsta shiz in the hood might get you killed or laughed at. Do your best gangsta pose in an unexpected location. Pebble beach. Beverly hills. Tennis club. Or on top of your Ford Taurus.


Author: HalmCreative

Provides out-of-the-box copy and travel writing that meets strict deadlines and resource restraints. Worked with T-Mobile, Fodor's Travel, Delta Sky Magazine, Today Is Art Day, Zoka Coffee, and others.

8 thoughts on “6 Ways to Make Travel Photos More Interesting

  1. These ideas have me laughing out loud. I hope you silently double-dog dared me to do these, cause I’m gonna!

    Wait’ll you see the gang sign for The 513! (don’t know it? Hellll-o. We have gangs in Cincinnati, too.)

  2. And where, pray tell, are the pics of you demonstrating these poses?

  3. The photos are all interesting, until someone declares “shenanigans!”. 🙂 Given how varied people’s experiences are with “legacy” airlines, I suppose one might have to think of a different theme when it comes to their opinions about American / Delta / United / etc. I’m guessing however that there might be a special kind of hell if someone had a bad experience with Air Canada, though some have taken to referring to the latter as MapleFlot.

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