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I didn't do that to the statue. Swear.

So, you know how good I was getting at French? I don’t know if I became bored with the intense vocabulary or just tired of trying to get that put the word in your nose thing down or if my brain went into overdrive but my French is now tres, tres, tres mauvais.

Before you correct me on my lack of accents realize that a) I am using an American keyboard probably made in China and b) I could give a fuck right now. Oh and c) I am on a petite vacanes from Francais classe.

I am going to New York in two days. I can order a bagel and say, “Can I get a bagel?” It’s going to be magical.

I want to walk into Target and buy a bunch of $5 underwear, a diet pepsi, and check out their Back to School supplies for no other reason than that I adore the smell of crayons and notebooks.

I want a 7-11 Slurpee because it will taste like summer. I want to watch a recent English movie. I don’t even care what it is.

That’s it. Well, that and take the Sex and the City bus tour with my sister and see the Dakota. New York is a towering city of awesome-ness but I am looking forward to tiny things that just mean I am in my home country.




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