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Quebec Student Protests and Bill 78

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I am sure you’ve heard about “dangerous” protests in Montreal and Quebec City. I don’t doubt that there are some protesters who take it overboard. Going into classes, flipping over tables, and screaming at the students in the class is one example. But take a look at the peaceful, beautifully shot Pots and Pans Protest below.

I am not vrainment Quebecoise so I can’t completely understand how the student protesters feel. They do pay the lowest tuition in North America. They also pay extremely high taxes.

The government decided to raise their tuition without much warning. It is not the most opulent place. I can see how some students would struggle to pay tuition there.

The political fabric of Quebec is layers deep. You get a strong sense of pride, mixed with a little resentment and isolation from the Quebecoise. Don’t listen to people who tell you that they’re rude, backwards, or that they’ll get mad if you don’t speak French. It is shame that tourism in Montreal is down (up in Quebec City though!) because of the protests – it is a beautiful, culturally rich place.

(The below protest is actually against Bill 78, which in my opinion, is just terrible. The bill, passed in response to the student protests demands that protesters have to inform police of their route hours beforehand. And that you’re not allowed to protest unless you follow their specific guidelines or they can arrest you. This is my understanding, please comment if you know more.)

Pots and Pans Protest


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One thought on “Quebec Student Protests and Bill 78

  1. Very good nice video of the protest.

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