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Is this what a nervous breakdown looks like?


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Things money can’t buy

I just kind-of quit my job. Well, I ended a contract assignment at a major company. 


The people were perfectly nice, the hours were decent and they paid me a sic salary for a writer. They even had a cafe with a healthy take on the McMuffin: spinach, egg whites, whole-wheat english muffin. A McMuffin that is actually good for you. Freakin’ beautiful.

Pretty perfect right? You probably want to punch me in the nose. I almost want to punch myself in the nose. But the truth is, the job fit like a bad shoe. It felt ok when I tried it on. And then blisters started popping up everywhere. One day, it became unbearable.

I started sketching the walls of my own cube, like that ape Nabokov said inspired Lolita. I started silently praying the lady would bring the donuts in again just so I could get up from my desk. I made Corporate Lingo Bingo© after a guy used the word “drive” in reference to sales 32 times in a half-hour presentation.

The Seattle rat race

The Seattle rat race

Elevate. Drive. Results. 

I am not sure why the job became so awful. Maybe like shoes, I just wanted it to work.

Maybe I’ve been reading too much Timothy Ferriss and day dreaming about doing something wild, like traveling through Australia, Austria, and Auckland and writing a memoir like Eat Pray Love. (Mine would just be called Eat) or starting a blog about doing one terrifying thing each day. First, I’d kill the daddy-long-legs living in my closet, then I would learn how to fly a helicopter.

Maybe it’s that I tasted real freedom in Quebec, by that I mean, doing exactly what I wanted to do: Learn French, write for a newspaper, write travel guides. Indulge in French-Canadian food. Meet people from around the world. Start this travel blog, which has morphed into travel, humor and lifestyle stuff. Check, check, check. Check.

Now what? 

Really, what do you do when you finally realize that the linear life, the day-in, day-out drudgery isn’t for you? How do you live a life outside the cube without turning into the Unabomber? How do I become a full-flourished-able-to-support-myself travel and freelance writer without becoming homeless?

Stay tuned because I plan on figuring it out and taking you with me.



Author: HalmCreative

Provides out-of-the-box copy and travel writing that meets strict deadlines and resource restraints. Worked with T-Mobile, Fodor's Travel, Delta Sky Magazine, Today Is Art Day, Zoka Coffee, and others.

8 thoughts on “Is this what a nervous breakdown looks like?

  1. Hope it works out for you.

  2. Your grandma will punch you in the nose.

  3. All the best on your new adventure!

  4. Good luck with your search. Timothy Ferriss doesn’t strike me as a helpful role model, though. Dude exhausts me with his plans and his advice and all the work he seems to do in order to not have to do work. I hope you find the work that you find satisfying enough so that you don’t have to try to not work!

  5. This sounds all too familiar! I’ve just taken my own leap out of the corporate cubicle and while it’s terrifying, I also can’t wait to see what the adventure holds!

    • Yeah we’ll see. So far the grand adventure has been sitting in my pjs looking for work and sending out a million query letters. But, next week, I’m going to France. How is yours? How far are you into your leap?

      • Funnily enough, we’re headed to France as well, but not until January. The job has been quit, the lease given up, and soon the packing begins. I alternate between excited and terrified! I hope you have a wonderful time in France!

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