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My 19 Not-So-Strange Addictions


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Taking photos. One of my many addictions.

Remember that show, “My Strange Addictions?” I do. It’s where crazy people talk about their “strange addictions,” like eating paper towel or snorting baby powder or swallowing rocks. The producers should change the show’s name to “Really Gross Addictions That Are Hard to Watch.”

I did a mini-psych eval on myself. Turns out, my addictions aren’t so strange.

My not-so-strange addictions:

  1. Coffee. I drink coffee by the pot and in one of those metal commuter mugs construction workers use. If I don’t drink coffee, I feel like an anvil was dropped on my head and I can’t even make words. Dental hygienists hate me.
  2. Flavored creamer. I am a healthy eater who can’t help but to pour or squirt corn-syrup-and-sugar sludge into my coffee. Every morning. Milk just won’t do.
  3. Refreshing my email and social media in 10-second intervals. Now that I finally have a smartphone I do this from the comfort of my bed.
  4. Buying URLs. The minute I have an idea for a URL, the credit card is out and I’m searching for .COMS while wearing a visor, sunglasses, and sweats. I’m a regular day-trader-gone-nerd.
  5. Reuse. Recycle. Hoard.  I see a very-used piece of foil and go through a considerable crisis before I can toss it. I have more in common with hoarders and depression-era grandmothers than any of my young, thirty-something friends. I’ve cut my hands tearing apart those six-pack rings. I have a pile of plastic ice cream containers for The Leaning Tower of Cherry Pistachio, an ambitious art project I will never complete.
  6. British Comedy. I can sit through season after season of “Peep Show,” four episodes at a time. During the “IT Crowd”-era, I barely left the house. If a show comes out and Matt Berry’s in it, don’t expect me to leave the apartment until I’ve seen every episode.
  7. Cleaning out my ears. Every morning. Even if there’s nothing to clean out. This actually is one of the “strange addictions,” but I’ve never put anything in my ear but a Q-tip.
  8. Sweeping. When I am stressed, I go into sweeping overload. I also forget to eat so my floors are cleaned and I lose weight.
  9. Books. I have to avoid bookstores because if I go in, I am walking out with a poetry anthology at the very least.
  10. Taking photos.  I am not a person who snaps photos of every painting in a museum, but I am that person who schleps her tri-pod and camera to sunsets, beach trips, parties, hikes, etc.
  11. Moving. In the past four years, I have had three different addresses. I can’t seem to settle.
  12. Movie-theater popcorn. I could eat a four-course meal before the movie and I will still order overflowing movie theater popcorn, with that impossibly yellow liquid “butter.”
  13. Looking up offices on GoogleMaps. Me > apply for job > look up company on the Glassdoor > assess how glamorous the office is with the Satellite images of Google Maps > forget to actually prepare for job interview.
  14. Squeezing avocados.
  15. Reading “Missed Connections” on Craigslist. So many great stories from lonely people who think the girl that smiled at them on the bus might just be the one. It’s riveting stuff.
  16. Moisturizing. When I was 22 and unafraid of the sun, some gracefully-aged individual (an ex-boss) told me to start wearing sunscreen. I apply it everyday and feel my skin withering in the sun if I forget. Fortify that skin!
  17. Flossing. 
  18. Twirling the ring on my right hand around and around.
  19. Smelling shower gel in the grocery store.

What are your addictions? Confess below. No judgement here. 


Author: HalmCreative

Provides out-of-the-box copy and travel writing that meets strict deadlines and resource restraints. Worked with T-Mobile, Fodor's Travel, Delta Sky Magazine, Today Is Art Day, Zoka Coffee, and others.

6 thoughts on “My 19 Not-So-Strange Addictions

  1. Not moving! I HATE change. While this is the 4th place I’ v lived in the past 14 years, every move created angst. That being said – the next move (when the kids are out of the house) will be to a state that is warm all-year-long.

    There: another-not-so-strange-addiction: warmth. Preferably by sun, but I’ll take a blanket or heating vent. Just as long as I’m not cold.

  2. You totally lost me on the movie theater popcorn. Stale, greasy, and saltier than that lake in Utah, it’s horrible stuff, my friend.

    AND ya gotta pay something like eight bucks for it!

  3. I feel you on Peep Show- which I tore through in a particularly snowy winter. Greenwing I also devoured, and Black Books and IT Crowd, and most recently Doc Martin. Popcorn in general is my “I’m not gonna be a grown-up you can’t make me!” go-to dinner. My favorite homemade concoctions are worsteshire sauce, butter and brewers yeast; browned butter and curry; and caramel. I suppose other than that I have no real addictions or routines- my addiction perhaps is to a little bit of chaos, that hint of danger that not knowing where your keys exactly are brings to your day, the thrilling uncertainty of “shall I brush my teeth before or after breakfast?”

    • Peep Show is all kinds of amazing. If I could get my hands on the newest season of Peep Show and movie theater popcorn, my heart would explode. Haven’t watched Black Books or Doc Martin…yet. Loved Spaced, Mighty Bouche, and Toast.

      I am addicted to chaos too. If I have to be somewhere on-time, I like to give myself about 5 minutes less to get there. I’ve been known to brush my teeth during breakfast. Ha- you sound just like me.

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