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Aging Gracefully or Not Really Aging At All

Quotes on aging

To all the May birthdays in my life. There are so many of you!

i’d very much prefer staying firm and slim/to grow old like a vintage wine fermenting/in old wooden vats with style ~ Nikki Giovanni

…If I could dance that way again I would do it for twenty-four hours straight. I get sad, then I think some people never dance at all. My grandma, the youngest 83-year-old I know.


I never liked dolls.

When I was four, a well-meaning uncle gave me a doll and I pretended to rock it in my miniature wooden rocking chair, holding a plastic bottle to its pursed lips.

When he turned away, I tossed the doll to the floor. I can still see its sky-blue eyes staring up at me, unblinking.

I favored stuffed animals (less demanding) and as an adult, I prefer puppies to babies. But it doesn’t matter. Because by the time you’re 10, your friends tell you to GROW UP and leave the dolls behind.


You think he knows how old he is?

I’ll call her J, just in case she finds and reads this. J was my childhood friend who convinced me I was never good enough at the age I was (the same age as her).

J was one of those girls, who at 10, acted 12 and at 12, acted 16. Continue reading