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Love Maps: 9 best places to visit in Seattle

I love maps. Maps are visual poetry, bringing together all the wonderful names of places: Genoa. Uganda. San Francisco. The smooth blue sea and the wrinkled topography for mountains. Maps stir the imagination. Maps tell you where the rivers are.

I love maps so much I made you a map of of my hang-out spots in Seattle.

The reviews are an attempt at humor, so you might like to read them even if you never plan to visit this fair city. I sincerely hope you do though!

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Best Restaurants and Attractions in Seattle



Who am I?

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Me at my desk. This is where I spend most of the day. The glare of the computer screen is strangely flattering.

I wanted to thank everyone for all the comments on my recently Freshly Pressed blog. It really means a lot that you took the time to read it and think about it, even if you disagree. I am quite torn on the whole situation myself. But most people seemed to be encouraging, so thank you.

Being compared to Hitler Youth was a new one. Hitler Youth? Just a little strong.

(Ok, so admittedly, I had a thing for Ed Norton in American History X, but that’s ONLY because of the shaved head and that post-jail bod, which made him look like the lead singer in a punk band. He also changed at the end from super bad boy to “looks cute in a suit.” I can’t be the only girl who felt like this.)

Hopefully, we’ve determined that I am in no way Hitler Youth or like Hitler Youth or even in the same Venn Diagram as Hitler Youth, even though I was strangely attracted to Ed Norton when he was dressed as a neo-Nazi.

I am just a nervous flyer.

Xanax is in my future. Continue reading