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Final Word: Copenhagen Travel Guide Review

As a sometimes writer of travel guides, I am obsessed with them. If you read  and travel enough, you’ll notice subtle differences between the main brands. And there’s a new kid in town, coming all the way from Denmark. We’ll get to that in a sec.

Here’s a quick debriefing of the ones you already know.

Fodor’s appeals to upper-middle-class wanderers who have money to burn and high-end tastes. Although I am biased Fodor’s is my favorite as they only hire local writers. And the books completely revolutionized the travel industry.

To quote father Fodor:

“Rome contains not only magnificent monuments, but also Italians.”

Frommer’s is for middle of the road wanderers who want to be cutting-edge, but don’t have fancy-pants places in their budget.

Lonely Planet is for those kids who want to see Germany but “can’t afford” anything but a hostel. Broke travellers fascinate me. In my early twenties, I barely had the funds for my  $600 a month rent. Let alone plane fare to an exotic destination. It was all spaghetti O’s and frozen burritos. I couldn’t imagine spending a month in Spain on my catalog-writer’s salary.

That’s just me though. I think I should have been more daring with my $12 an hour. (Forget eating! I am going to France).

When asked to review this new guide to Copenhagen from noma (best restaurant in the world) and momondo, a travel search engine and guide book generator, I said yes. Absolutely. Bring it.

At First Look:

It’s a small, attractive guide that will easily fit into your purse or man bag (psst: everyone carries one there). With it’s chic black cover, it looks like it was designed by Michael Kors. It’s modern, beautiful, and has a classic ribbon bookmark built right in and a nice pull out map right in the back. If I judged books by their covers, I would highly recommend this guide. Continue reading