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Hello Victoria, So Long Summer Photo Essay

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I said goodbye to summer by traveling to Victoria, British Columbia by boat with my sister and a friend.

There’s a nip in the air, brown-tipped leaves, a carpet of acorns in the park next to my house. One last summer outing had to be had.

But that’s ok. Fall is around the bend and we all love fall. The fashion. The leaves. The lattes.

Fall is my favorite travel season because I prefer empty museums to museums filled with sweaty tourists in cargo shorts. That’s just me.

If you want to look like an amazing photographer, take a million pictures of flowers. Big, bright and beautiful, flowers sit still and are happy to pose. Novice photographers should start with tranquil gardens before street photography, where everything moves, the light is low and there’s a wastrel wearing KEDS who wants to spit beer into your lens.

Pro tip: The BlueFox Cafe in Victoria will have one of those obnoxiously long lines, but it’s worth the wait. They make breakfast poutine. Enough said.

Victoria travel, in pictures


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