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Saturday Giveaway! Win a Free (Signed) Alena Dillon Book


You can win one copy of I Thought We Agreed to Pee in the Ocean, And Other Amusings From A Girl Wearing Sweatpants by Alena Dillon. I hereby certify it will make you laugh.

Comment on this post with your favorite funny person (comedian, comedy writer, whoever) and I will randomly select the winner by putting all of your usernames into a hamster ball then rolling it downhill.

Find out more about Alena Dillon by reading her blog. She appears to be great. I know if I knew her in real life, we’d have a blast.

The winner will be selected and contacted on January 26, 2014.

Read on for my review.

First impressions:

I decided to read this book on a plane from Seattle to Chicago. The woman next to me glanced at the cover and raised her eyebrows like I was reading the back of the vomit bag. That’s not an insult. The book looks funny and it’s the only book I know of with “pee” in the title.


Look Inside doesn’t actually appear on the cover.

One point for our author and her great taste in titles/book covers. I love reading or watching things in public that make nearby passengers squirm. I once watched a whole season of “Dexter,” rewinding especially gory scenes just to make the nosy creep behind me think I was a psycho.

But is it funny?

The book delivers on the promise of funny made on the cover. It’s a compilation of humorous essays about humiliating moments in everyday Long Island life. Traffic, awful baristas with over-styled hair, pole dancing lessons gone awry, Jewel concerts, miscommunications, and questions we’ve all asked. Such as, “If No One Sees My Apartment, Do I Still Have to Clean it?”

One of my favorites is the pre-cana questionnaire, AKA the real things people need to work out before marriage. Here’s one of the questions:

9) “Speaking of coffee, do you and your partner share the same brand of beans? If one of you drinks Starbucks and the other Dunkin Donuts, have you already registered for separate coffeemakers to keep on opposite sides of the kitchen?” –Alena Dillon

The night before I read this passage, The Husband and I had a tiff over Starbucks Blonde (meh) vs. GLAZED Chocolate Donut Flavored Dunkin Donuts coffee (donut-flavored coffee? screw the Internet, that’s the best invention of my lifetime).

Starbucks happened to be on sale, so The Husband won the disagreement. It’s ok. I bought a Thin Mints flavored creamer, so I guess that’s a compromise.

Other essays in the book include:

“Driving While Knitting”
“What is the Deal with Knee Hair?”
“I Hate People, They’re the Worst”

Comment below to win a signed copy for free. Or just get her book on Amazon.

(To avoid stalking issues, please don’t comment with your mailing address.)


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14 thoughts on “Saturday Giveaway! Win a Free (Signed) Alena Dillon Book

  1. I have post something funny here. “That’s what she said” – Steve Carell

  2. Amy Sedaris cracks me up!! Her “Craft” Books are Epic ;0)

  3. There are so many brands of funny people. Irreverent Louis CK funny. Cerebral Woody Allen funny. Classic Stephen Leacock funny. Bittersweet Nick Hornby funny. Kibitzing Whitney Collins funny. (She’s an emerging writer; Google her; hilarious.) But the writer who makes me laugh out loud the most is David Sedaris.

  4. Yay! A contest!

    Tina Fey probably wrote the funniest book I ever read, and Amy Poehler is the star of my favorite TV show. So, yes, I’m lookin’ forward to the Globes.

  5. I always enjoy seeing comedians that make me laugh, Bo Burnham, Trevor Noah, Louis C.K. Stephan Colbert, but my favorite comedian will always be George Carlin. Cynicism and humor are two of my favorite things.

  6. Jenny Lawson. Her book has a taxidermy mouse made up like Hamlet on the cover. That also gets you weird looks when you read it in public. 😉

  7. David Foster Wallace for me!

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  9. Tammy Piscatelli gets my nod, but I doubt she’s ever written a book.

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