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Kristy and the Pandemic

What did I do on my summer vacation? I watched the Babysitter’s club Netflix series. And I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, Unsolved Mysteries, and Dave Chappelle’s 8:46. I ate literal pounds of goldfish crackers, baked several cakes, went for a short trip to the ocean, searched for jobs, and read Hidden Valley Road, a captivating book about schizophrenia and Charles Johnson’s The Way of the Writer. Both are excellent.

I also spent many days at our local beach with the little one.

The Babysitter’s Club (BSC)

This one should be titled, “Dawn and the Abuser”

I am filled with a weird mix of nostalgia for six months ago, when I could go to a show and for when I was thirteen and had little idea how scary and pain-filled the world actually is.

At thirteen, I would have thought of the pandemic as nothing more than a exciting moment in time because I felt invincible.

Imagine being thirteen now and “sneaking out” to see your crush, mid-pandemic. It’s only the most romantic thing ever.

“Meet me at the beach,” he texted.

I knew he wasn’t social distancing; I knew he had played basketball with his friends two days ago. But he was irresistible.

“Are you going to wear a mask?” I braced myself for the answer. Please say yes, please say yes.

“Hell no.”

“Then I won’t either.” Did this mean we were a couple?

I left the cute flowered-cover mask on my nightstand, the one I bought just for him to see and opened the window to the stifling heat. My parents were sleeping. I was free….


The BSC is why I wanted to be a writer. The writing was of so-so quality (so many outfit descriptions!), but the stories, ah the stories. The BSC is why I fantasized about living in the Nutmeg State (Connecticut) and the BSC is why I love classic blue-and-white bedrooms (Stacey) and why I have always vacationed in seaside towns (Sea City!) as an adult.

Stacey taught me about Diabetes I, Dawn taught me that a boy should never order food for you in a restaurant (the grilled cheese!); and Kristy taught me that it is OK to be a tomboy (I liked catching frogs and hated fashion).

I am even a more confident mother because of it. In this fictional series, 7th graders can provide exceptional care to kids. If Mary Anne can handle a 104-degree fever, so can I!

They are just as I remember: Innocent. Accepting. Industrious. I loved that they had a business, but I skipped over all of the boring babysitter diaries to get to the friendship trials and relationship drama.

And I liked that the series tried to undermine stereotypes. It’s far from perfect, but it tried. I watched the Claudia Kishi Club on Netflix and am glad to hear the character connected with young Asian Americans in the 80s/90s.

I had a grandmother just like Mimi. We were very close and drank a lot of tea together and I thought of her whenever I read the Claudia stories.

Thanks Ann M. Martin and the new Netflix series for making both the pandemic and my pre-teen years a little more tolerable.



Just Another Manic Memoir

Just Pretty

There is beauty in the everyday.

Everyone’s doing it. Entire sections of the bookstore are dedicated to it. Blonde-woman-leaves-routine-life-for-abroad-or-the-wood memoirs. Think: Cheryl Strayed. Elizabeth Gilbert.* To stand out from other travel memoirs, you need to set sail all by yourself to Antarctica, Ernest Shackleton-style and survive something horrific like eating your own dogs or do some peyote in the desert and be able to clearly WRITE about that experience. Pen name: Huntess S. Thompson.

For the reasons above, I’m starting a new genre: the stay-put memoir. Lists of dull things we do everyday, written with a certain flair.

Consider the untold story in the soggy French fries curled on the bottom of my CRV, in the struggle of trying to get to my dry cleaner before it closes, in bagel dust between my keyboard letters. That’s real stuff. Bonus: I don’t have to do anything difficult to write it. I just keep on keepin on. It would be relatable, that’s for sure. Low-risk. Yes. Dull? No way.

Future memoir titles: 

  • Is It Weird To Smell Your Own Hair On The Bus? And Other Concerns
  • Skeptical Of Your Gluten Allergy, So Totally Sure Of Mine
  • Copywriter’s Dilemma: Having A Nervous Breakdown One Exclamation Point At A Time!!
  • Checking The Door Twice: Confessions Of A Public-Bathroom Phobic
  • Fear And Loathing On A Train. Mother + Daughter Ride The Rails Cross Country. (Read the sneak preview here).
  • Tears On My Mcdonald’s Cheeseburger. What Happens When You Get The Wrong Gender-Specific Toy.
  • Facebook Lies: That Time I Said I Had A Great Time Kayaking When It Was Actually Just Ok

Which one should I start on first?

*I like Elizabeth Gilbert.

**I’m actually headed to the desert next month (New Mexico + Texas). Where should I go? What should I do? Comment below.


Saturday Giveaway! Win a Free (Signed) Alena Dillon Book

You can win one copy of I Thought We Agreed to Pee in the Ocean, And Other Amusings From A Girl Wearing Sweatpants by Alena Dillon. I hereby certify it will make you laugh.

Comment on this post with your favorite funny person (comedian, comedy writer, whoever) and I will randomly select the winner by putting all of your usernames into a hamster ball then rolling it downhill.

Find out more about Alena Dillon by reading her blog. She appears to be great. I know if I knew her in real life, we’d have a blast.

The winner will be selected and contacted on January 26, 2014.

Read on for my review. Continue reading