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Translation Thursday: What the Heck is This?


From Japan

My sister is in Japan, lucky duck. Her hotel has been leaving the above on her pillow every night.

Without being too egregious, please translate the text on the package and tell me what this thing is.

Some ideas:

a). A wasabi-scented item for use in the bedroom (wink). Now x5!

b). A magic robe that gives nerds chest hair.

c). They’re obviously chips. Musk-scented, of course.

d). A diet pill that gives people a hollowed-out chest cavity.

Add yours. I’ll reveal what the product actually is in the comments later.


Author: HalmCreative

Provides out-of-the-box copy and travel writing that meets strict deadlines and resource restraints. Worked with T-Mobile, Fodor's Travel, Delta Sky Magazine, Today Is Art Day, Zoka Coffee, and others.

6 thoughts on “Translation Thursday: What the Heck is This?

  1. Oh my…so many possibilities! Interested in finding out what this actually is!

  2. If they’re leaving it every night, it has to be something they expect her to use every day.

    That picture is baffling, but my best guess is some kind of disposable sleep wear, or a cleaning cloth meant to make sure you’re nice and fresh before bed.

  3. My first guess was a laundry bag. Second guess a eye blinder ?

  4. Ima just trying to figure out what guy would let them use that pic with his face on a million bags like that. But If I guess what’s in the bag, you’ll have to wash my mouth out with soap, so . . .

  5. Nothing so exciting everyone! It’s a bag of Wasabi chips.

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