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No “Kitting,” A Cat Circus is Coming to Seattle



But are they better than Josie and the Pussycats? 

You guys, I haven’t been so excited about something since … since, well… I don’t know when. The election of the blue (ahem purple) M&M? The time I met Junot Diaz? When it was revealed that there’s going to be a Girl Meets World? Nope, nothing compares to this cat circus. (Ok, I almost wept meeting Mr. Diaz, but that was a different kind of excitement).

YES! A cat circus & cat rock band is coming to Seattle. It travels the country in a tour bus that rivals Pharrell’s in terms of luxury. And there’s a rockin’ cat band with a lead performer named (get this) Tuna. Rumor is, Tuna plays a mean cowbell. She learned her skills from clicker training and this hour-long show includes a demonstration of the training, so the audience will get a little education they can bring home to their beloved hairballs.

I haven’t seen the show yet, but I’m really looking forward to it and you can expect a full review this Saturday (err… Caturday). But it’s already generated a lot of buzz.

I’m ready to see cats strumming guitars, playing, drums and generally being kind-of silly. The show appeals to me because Samantha Martin (Chief Executive Human) for the Amazing Acro-cats promotes animal education and adoption and donates a portion of the proceeds to feline shelters and rescues across the country. Purportedly, all of these cats are fosters and rescues.

That convinced me. I normally stay (er stray) far from animal circuses, with the exception of Cavalia because the horses seemed happy, glossy, and generally loved.

Tickets are $24 and can be purchased on the Acro-Cats website. There’s limited seating, so buy your tickets soon if you plan to attend the Seattle show.  It sells out fast and I’d hate to see you miss the weirdest coolest event of the year.


Theatre 4 at Theatre Puget Sound

305 Harrison St. Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

You can find the schedule here.



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2 thoughts on “No “Kitting,” A Cat Circus is Coming to Seattle

  1. YOU MET JUNOT DIAZ???!?!!!!

  2. YES! At an author’s lecture at a college. Honestly, he is way more exciting than a cat circus. Especially when I said I was a writer and his response was “keep it up, we need you.”

    Love that man.

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