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Circus Cats, Cowbells, & Cluck Norris, the Bowling Chicken

Last week, I went to a cat circus. Let’s put that on the list of things I never thought I’d say. I also never thought I would write about a cat who plays cowbell.

How much is that kitty who plays cowbell? 


That’s Tuna

Full disclosure: Acro-Cats gave me a ticket to review the show. I only write about experiences that I believe are worth the money and I only do honest reviews.

Let’s start with the cost.

$24 per ticket. What could one get in Seattle for $24?

  •  A decent manicure, maybe a brow wax too if you go to the place with the questionable cleanliness and the fungus risk.
  • About five lattes. So let’s just say a whole business-week of coffee.
  • A one-way bus ticket from Seattle to Vancouver. But you’d have to sit next to the smelly guy.
  • Tickets to see your coworker’s friend’s bad doo-wop/rap (doo-rap) ensemble
  • About two watered-down cocktails.

You will remember Acro-Cats, even if you hated it, you’ll remember. And you will meet the “stars” and you will see all kinds of people in kitty ears trying to get selfies with these celebrity cats and begging for their feline attention.

It definitely draws out the strange, but one can’t help but love Samantha Martin, the lady running the show. She makes fun of herself, she’s approachable, and she rolls around the country in a big cat bus. She’s a person of stories, a person doing her own thing, and I deeply admire that. I fantasized about running away to join the cat circus until I remembered that I have a dog and a husband at home and I’m prone to horrific stage fright. Still, I briefly fantasized about being their on-bus reporter, like in Almost Famous, except with less groupies and more cat hair.

You’ll laugh and you might really cry. All of the cats in the show are orphans or fosters.

Throughout the show, you get their Behind-the-Music-esque backstories:

“Nugget* here was found on a box in the side of the road after his mother was killed. Look at him now. He’s the backup guitarist in an all-tom rock band.” 

UnFuRgettable Moments:


-A semi-famous feline named Tuna plays cowbell. He also bowled against a chicken named Cluck Norris.  I kid you not.  I was on team Tuna, but Cluck Norris was a competitor for sure. (Psst… follow Tuna on Twitter.)

-An adult cat push the.cutest kitten ever around in a baby carriage.

Rock Cats. They’re not the most musical felines, but they sure are cute. One cat did a stage dive and then they had to bring up the back-up guitar player. And yes, you can get a t-shirt.

-Multiple cats skittering around in the audience at all times. Watch your step!

-People way into nerdy cat culture. Not just in a wear-a-heavy-wool-sweater-with-a-cat on-it way, in a having-legit-conversations-with-the-kitties way. Nothing like a cat circus to bring out the strange.

-Cats walking tightropes and jumping through hoops.

 Final Thought 

One of the Rock Cats

If you’re going to see it in Seattle, it takes place in the Seattle Center in a tiny theater you have to hunt down. It’s really the perfect size for this event, so no complaints about the theater. But I’ve been living in this city on and off for seven years and couldn’t find it even using Google Maps. Leave early.

For $24, I laughed out loud more than seven times. I think that makes it worth it. They’re going to be in Seattle for about a week more. Tickets and more info can be found on their website at



No “Kitting,” A Cat Circus is Coming to Seattle


But are they better than Josie and the Pussycats? 

You guys, I haven’t been so excited about something since … since, well… I don’t know when. The election of the blue (ahem purple) M&M? The time I met Junot Diaz? When it was revealed that there’s going to be a Girl Meets World? Nope, nothing compares to this cat circus. (Ok, I almost wept meeting Mr. Diaz, but that was a different kind of excitement).

YES! A cat circus & cat rock band is coming to Seattle. It travels the country in a tour bus that rivals Pharrell’s in terms of luxury. And there’s a rockin’ cat band with a lead performer named (get this) Tuna. Rumor is, Tuna plays a mean cowbell. She learned her skills from clicker training and this hour-long show includes a demonstration of the training, so the audience will get a little education they can bring home to their beloved hairballs.

I haven’t seen the show yet, but I’m really looking forward to it and you can expect a full review this Saturday (err… Caturday). But it’s already generated a lot of buzz.

I’m ready to see cats strumming guitars, playing, drums and generally being kind-of silly. The show appeals to me because Samantha Martin (Chief Executive Human) for the Amazing Acro-cats promotes animal education and adoption and donates a portion of the proceeds to feline shelters and rescues across the country. Purportedly, all of these cats are fosters and rescues.

That convinced me. I normally stay (er stray) far from animal circuses, with the exception of Cavalia because the horses seemed happy, glossy, and generally loved.

Tickets are $24 and can be purchased on the Acro-Cats website. There’s limited seating, so buy your tickets soon if you plan to attend the Seattle show.  It sells out fast and I’d hate to see you miss the weirdest coolest event of the year.


Theatre 4 at Theatre Puget Sound

305 Harrison St. Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

You can find the schedule here.


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Caturday: What a $4,000 Cat Looks Like

I should mention here, on this lovely, rainy Caturday that I am personally opposed to buying animals, even ones with rare patterns (or whatever makes him expensive).

Caturday in Japan


Yeah, that’s right. I’m $4,000.

But look at this luxury feline. Isn’t he (or she) cute? Thank you to my sister who found this kitty in an upscale pet store called Kitty Diamond on her recent trip to Japan.

Photo copyright Nicole H.