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That Time I Sent a Fax & Other Adventures


Boston Terrier, In Blankets

The boston terrier in his natural habitat.

I hesitate to call anything a series because it’s such a big commitment, but yes, periodically, I will be rounding up all the little everyday adventures in my everyday life.

What lucky duck won my blog giveaway?

First of all, I’d like to announce the winner of my first giveaway. Congrats Caitlin of Caitlinstern writes. She writes about writing, shares a lot of great short stories and journals her thoughts about writing. She’s also one of my first commenters from way back when this blog started.

She will be getting a copy of I Thought We Agreed To Pee In The Ocean by Alena Dillon. Even though you didn’t win, pick up a copy of the book, it’s a fun read.

Here is my three-part everyday adventure round up:


I sent a fax.

I know what you’re thinking: why, the f*ck would anybody send a fax? To weed out most of America certain types, a prospective employer asked applicants to fax, mail, or drop-off applications.

“This position requires some travel. Like back to 1993.”

Not knowing anyone with a fax, I went to our local mailing center. Mailing center dude hovered over the machine as it jerked the pages through then spit out a confirmation letter typed in a font I am sure no longer exists:

Your fax didn’t make it. We cannot tell you why. Please shove all 12 pages back into the machine. And make yourself comfortable. You’ll be here for awhile.

Mailing center dude threw up his hands in frustration as I scrolled through in-real-time status updates on my new iPhone. After three attempts, four apologies to him, and $5, I ended up mailing the darn thing.

That’s right. I used a second antiquated technology because the first didn’t work.


I lunched at a Seattle restaurant that’s not really open yet.

The London Page, Seattle, Pioneer Square

So, so good. Ps. Whenever I photograph food, I forget to take the utensil off the plate.

My current freelance schedule allows me to do things like nap during the day or meet friends for the kind of lunches that require tickets. What kind of lunch requires a ticket? An exclusive sneak preview of the The London Plane, a restaurant that just expanded in a new mix-use Pioneer Square space where one can dine and then buy a giant jar of pickled artichokes and a bouquet of flowers.

The results: I wasn’t there to do a review, so I didn’t write anything down, but I can attest that the food is delicious, especially the butternut squash salad. I decided not to bore you with a long review about floor-to-ceiling windows and heaping portions, so I summed it all up in a few micro restaurant reviews.

Micro restaurant reviews of Seattle’s The London Plane:

-Where Rich People Brunch.
-Bearded Waiters Happy to Recommend Wine
-Where to Find That Instagram-Worthy Lunch


I watched Broad City.


And figured out what kind of dog I would be without taking one of those stupid Buzz Feed quizzes. I’ve been flying through episodes of Broad City. This show is everything I’ve ever wanted from female comedy, but without being “female comedy.” It’s silly and raunchy, at times, awkward and really smart without trying to be smart.

Plus, Amy Poehler is a producer and she’s my favorite comedian since watching UCB in high-school.

Last week, Ilani asked this profound question: If you were a dog, what kind would you be? 

I am still laughing at Abbi’s answer, “Slim Pug.” Comment below with what kind of dog you’d be!

Ps. I would be a bulldog who wears muscle shirts. Because everyone both loves and fears a bulldog in a muscle shirt. 


Author: HalmCreative

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5 thoughts on “That Time I Sent a Fax & Other Adventures

  1. I love Broad City. Seriously love it. And I would be Airbud, obviously.

  2. I neither love, nor fear you. Hhmmmm . . . possibly you need a second choice for Anglo-As-a-Dawg??

  3. Well, it was that or an old dalmatian because lying on the couch is my favorite thing and I like polka dots.

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